Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care

More than just a dental clinic

Treat Yourself with Our Relaxation Packages

Yes, we live on the Gold Coast, one of the most amazing places in the world. But even here the daily rush, high performance expectations and balancing family, work and activities are putting a lot of pressure not just on our bodies but on our minds. We feel stressed, burnt out and don’t reach our full abilities. This is why Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care gives you the chance to escape this fast-paced environment just for an hour or two. And conveniently located at Emerald Lakes, it is not far off most of your other activities, appointments and commitments.

Time to unwind …

Choose from massages or infrared sauna experiences to treat your body and mind to a well-deserved break. If you experience constant soreness or stiffness in your muscles or joints.

Massages – from $50.00

Relax and use your body’s natural healing abilities. Choose from Remedial Massages, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy Detox Massages, Cupping or Adriana’s Signature Holistic Massage. Adriana will help you to forget about the stress of your week and will hopefully give you some energy back to tackle the next challenges. Depending on your needs, Adriana finds the right treatment to support your recovery.
30min – $50.00
60min – $100.00

Infrared Sauna Therapy – from $30

Use your body’s natural detoxification process to improve your natural healing abilities. Our Sunlighten Infrared Sauna releases safe and effective infrared heat in a gentle and steady stream throughout your session. Sauna sessions can be part of your detoxification, weight loss, or even relaxation process.
You can read more about our infrared sauna here.

30min – $30
30min x 6 – $120*