Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care

More than just a dental clinic

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Holistic dental care addresses not just the teeth and mouth but the whole body.

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Health care treatments to reduce dental stress & anxiety..

two women inside the Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care sauna

Detox in the comfortable temperatures of our infrared sauna.

Clear Aligner Orthodontic Treatment

Straighten teeth without braces using Clear Aligners.

General Dental Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care

We offer a range of General Dental treatments to suit your needs.

Same-Day CEREC Crowns

We offer Custom Same-Day Crowns using our CEREC Technology.

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Holistic Dental Care

Experience the transformative power of holistic and biocompatible dentistry at Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care.

Our comprehensive approach goes beyond dental health, prioritizing your physical, emotional, and oral well-being.

Discover how our leading healthcare treatments can help you achieve optimal holistic dental care.

Explore more about our holistic dentistry services today.


About Our Dental Clinic

At Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care (GCHDC), our primary focus is to help our patients to achieve their health goals.

In order to do so, we aim to assist our patients who try to identify and prevent the root causes of disease.Our friendly staff await your arrival.

Treatment Packages

We offer packages including a wide range of services that take a holistic approach to improving health and well-being.

From massages to infrared sauna therapy and holistic dental care, our integrative health practitioner will personalise a treatment plan for you.


Our Location:

1/3027 The Boulevard Carrara QLD 4211

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday 8:30am - 1:00pm


Our Services

Maintaining optimal overall health is influenced by several key factors, including adopting a balanced lifestyle, managing work-life equilibrium, effective stress management, maintaining a proper diet and nutrition, engaging in detoxification practices, and regular exercise.

At our facility, we provide a comprehensive range of holistic dental services and advanced healthcare treatments.

Our team is dedicated to tailoring these approaches to meet your specific needs, supporting you in attaining your desired health objectives.


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