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Safe Amalgam Filling Removal (including Heavy Metal Detoxification program)

Amalgam fillings have been commonly used by dentists to fill cavities. While they are often referred to as “silver amalgam” they actually consist of a combination of toxic metals, including mercury.

We take the removal of amalgam fillings very seriously. Prior to their removal, we provide a personalised amalgam removal and detoxification program custom designed to your health requirements. This involves preparing the body for the detoxification process with treatments like hair analysis and mercury speciation tests, diet modifications and colonic irrigation or enemas.

If you have not been referred to us by your Holistic GP or naturopath, we recommend seeing our integrative GI tract health practitioner to guide you through the detoxification process.

Supplements are prescribed to prepare the body for the detoxification prior to, during and after the removal process.

The removal protocols involve techniques used to minimise any mercury exposure as the fillings are taken out. This includes the use of a rubber dam, separate oxygen supply to both patient and dental staff, high volume suction, separate high volume extraction filtration system and high speed specialised dental burs that remove amalgam with the least possible mercury release.

We also recommend sessions in our infrared sauna to eliminate heavy metals via the skin, decreasing the load on the liver and kidneys.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek advice from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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