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Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas warm the body in the same manner as natural sunlight, providing a deeper, more purifying heat that relaxes muscles and produces a cleansing sweat, removing toxins from your body.

The infrared heating technology is entirely different to microwaves and ultraviolet radiation (UV). It uses a refined heating technology called Solocarbon®, patented to Sunlighten, which is used in day spas, gyms, training studios and health centres around the world. The eating panels are heat sealed so no wires or glues are used, ensuring there are no releases of unhealthy gases during heating. It’s perfectly safe and healthy for all living things.

While it’s great for relaxation, Infrared Saunas have a long list of health benefits;

Detoxification – the deep heat experienced in the sauna produces a deep, detoxifying sweat that cleanses your body of toxins at a cellular level.

Pain relief – infrared heat penetrates your body, getting deep into your joints and muscles to alleviate aches and chronic pain.

Improved circulation – heating your muscles with infrared rays stimulates an increase in blood flow through the body which helps to fully oxygenate your body’s cells. This allows more toxins to flow from your cells to the skin surface and out of the body, improving cell health and your immune system.

Skin purification – the near infrared wavelength used in our saunas is most effective for healing the epidermis and dermis layers of your skin, stimulating collagen production and reducing wrinkles to improve overall skin tone.

Lower blood pressure – scientific evidence shows using an infrared sauna just a couple of times a week can lower blood pressure. The heat and deep sweat induced by infrared saunas makes the heart pump faster and increases blood flow, lowering blood pressure as it improves your circulation.

Weight loss – using an infrared sauna can burn as much as 600 calories, all while you relax and cleanse your body. As your body works to cool itself your heart rate increases, speeding up your metabolic rate.

Dental Technology

At Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care, we are proud to invest into some of the cutting-edge technology in dentistry.

Our team has access to a CEREC machine, intra-oral cameras, an intra-oral scanner, and the Biolase Waterlase for Tongue Tie treatment.

CEREC machine & Intra-oral Scanner

An intra-oral scanner is a state-of-the art technology that allows us to scan your teeth, create 3D images of it and share the results live with you on the screen. Traditionally, this scan would get sent to a dental laboratory where dental technicians design and fabricate your final restoration.

With CEREC, our dentists can digitally design your crown or inlays and onlays on-site and mill your restoration in our CEREC milling machine. This means, we can reduce the timeframe it traditionally takes when getting a restoration.

Intra-oral Cameras

Intra-oral cameras are a great tool to show our patients the inside of their mouth. We can take close-up pictures of teeth to share the enlarged images on our screen. If you have a cracked tooth or decay, we can show you the photos of the affected tooth within seconds of taking them.

It also comes in handy when showing you the back of your teeth that you usually would not be able to easily see.

Biolase Waterlase

Our practice uses a BIOLASE Waterlase. According to BIOLASE, their award-winning Waterlase system is a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental tools.

The Waterlase can perform a variety of dental procedures without a shot or a drill using laser energy and water spray instead.

Dr Shehab Faragallah uses the Waterlase for tongue- and lip-tie treatments.