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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our frequently asked questions below for answers to common queries we receive regarding holistic dentistry, fitness testing, infrared saunas, naturopathy and massage.

Some people think you have to have a certain lifestyle, beliefs and behaviours to visit a holistic dentist but this simply isn’t true! ANYONE can visit our holistic dentist and health practitioners and a customised health plan will be created for you based on a number of factors.

All you need to do is attend your scheduled appointment and we’ll do the rest! If you have more questions please give us a call on 07 5644 6000 and we’d be happy to explain it all to you in depth.

We care about making sure you get the best dental treatment you deserve which is why we offer different payment plan options – Zip Money, Zip Pay and Afterpay

Read more about our payment plan options online or contact us to ask one of our friendly team members about payment plans today.

Yes, we do offer full-holistic-treatment packages that incorporate all our services including dental care, massage packages, infrared sauna, and shiatsu.

The most common time all these services are used for one patient is during the amalgam removal process including a full detoxification of the body. However, packages are available to anyone and can be tailored exactly to your needs.

Call 07 5644 6000 to book an appointment with our integrative health practitioner to discuss your options.


Holistic Dentistry is an approach to dentistry that considers not just your dental health, but also your physical and emotional health. It recognises that your oral health greatly impacts your general health, and vice versa. It looks at treating the five main causes of ill health, which are toxins, infections, allergens, poor diet and stress. With a holistic dental approach, we use the most biocompatible materials available to minimise any adverse impact on the body. Learn more on our Holistic Dentistry page.


We are still a fully operational dental clinic offering all your standard procedures. Our passion is to ensure our patients leave our clinic feeling happy and satisfied with their treatments and we are committed to making you look and feel your best.

We take the removal of amalgam fillings very seriously. Prior to the removal we provide a personalised amalgam removal and detoxification program custom designed to your health requirements. This involves preparing the body for the detoxification process with treatments like hair analysis and mercury speciation tests, diet modifications and colonic irrigation or enemas.The removal protocols involve techniques used to minimise any mercury exposure as the fillings are being removed. This includes the use of a rubber dam, separate oxygen supply to both patient and dental staff, high volume suction, separate high volume extraction filtration system and high speed specialised dental burs that remove amalgam with the least possible mercury release.


Holistic dentistry is comparable to a visit to your regular dentist. However, some visits may be more expensive as our Holistic Dentist and Integrative Health Practitioner will want to spend more time with you to better understand your health situation and history and develop the best plan for your needs.

Some treatment plans may require additional costs for nutritional supplements, extensive tests and specialised equipment to ensure the safest, most effective healing.

No matter what, your treatment options and costs will be presented to you upfront so you can make an informed decision about your health. We will take your situation and budgetary needs into account to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan you are truly happy with.

Dental amalgam is a mixture of metals, consisting of liquid (elemental) mercury and a powdered alloy composed of silver, tin, and copper. Approximately 50% of dental amalgam is elemental mercury by weight. Dental amalgam fillings are also known as “silver fillings” because of their silver-like appearance. Despite the name, “silver fillings” do contain elemental mercury.

Yes. However, a removal of silver amalgam fillings without safety measures can potentially result in a mercury exposure of everyone in the dental room that exceeds the safety limit. At Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care we follow all safety measures to provide a safe removal of amalgam fillings.

Amalgam fillings are usually removed in quadrants, which means we remove all the amalgams in a quarter of the mouth at a time. The following link discusses the safe amalgam removal procedures that we follow for every amalgam removal:

The actual removal of the amalgam filling is similar to having a regular filling or cavity treated (along with all the safety protocols). Local anaesthesia is used to anaesthetize the teeth so no pain is involved.

Removing an amalgam filling and replacing it with a safer material is comparable in price to a regular filling. A small increase in fee is to allow for the cost of the safety protocols we need to follow to protect you and the dental team from mercury exposure.

Most quadrant appointments are around 60-90 minutes in duration.

Mercury is a chemical element with symbol Hg and atomic number 80. It is commonly known as quicksilver. It is a heavy metal similar to Cadmium and Lead. Mercury is the only metallic element that is liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure. Mercury is HIGHLY toxic.

Mercury enters the human body via three main sources. Amalgam fillings, seafood, and some vaccinations.

Amalgam fillings release mercury vapour which enters the lungs whereby 80% is absorbed into the blood stream. This occurs with every breath. Elemental mercury from amalgam fillings also passes down the throat into the stomach every time you swallow and some is converted to methylmercury which is then absorbed.

Seafood consumption is another source of mercury exposure. 95% of the mercury in seafood is methylmercury whereof 95% is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Many vaccinations contain mercury in the form of ethylmercury used as a preservative. 100% is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Elemental and methylmercury are toxic to the central and peripheral nervous systems. The inhalation of mercury vapour can produce harmful effects on the nervous, digestive, and immune systems, lungs and kidneys – and may be fatal. The inorganic salts of mercury are corrosive to the skin, eyes and gastrointestinal tract. They may induce kidney toxicity if ingested.

Neurological and behavioural disorders are possibly to be observed after inhalation, ingestion or dermal exposure of different mercury compounds. Symptoms include tremors, insomnia, memory loss, neuromuscular effects, headaches, and cognitive as well as motor dysfunction. Mild, subclinical signs of central nervous system toxicity can be seen in workers exposed to an elemental mercury level in the air of 20 μg/m3 or more for several years. Kidney effects have been reported, ranging from increased protein in the urine to kidney failure.

Avoiding having anymore amalgam fillings, and safely removing existing ones is one way to reduce mercury exposure. In addition, limiting or eliminating seafood consumption as well as avoiding vaccinations containing mercury.

Mercury can not only be present in food and beverages such as tuna (canned or fresh), lobster, salt water fish, carrots and lettuce (unless organic), grains, and seaweeds but also in cosmetics (hair dyes, mascara, skin lightening creams), medications (Preparation H, contact lens solutions, recycled toilet paper, body powders) or even in latex and solvent thinned paints, fabric softener, floor waxes, air conditioner filters, and tattoos. To avoid the consumption of mercury exposed products, read the labels to ensure that no ingredient has the letters MER in the name.

Unfortunately, we don’t recommend having an infrared sauna while you are pregnant. Minimising the movement of toxins through the body when you are pregnant is highly important to your developing baby.

The main difference between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna is the heat involved while inside the unit. Traditional dry saunas use steam with temperatures as high as 100 degrees Celcius, which can overwhelm those who are more sensitive to the heat. Infrared saunas use a much milder temperature environment of between 65 and 70 degrees Celcius due to the fact that infrared energy is used instead of steam. However, because the heat of infrared saunas penetrates much deeper into the body, they are able to cause a more vigorous sweat at lower temperature.

Before a sauna you should ideally not have eaten for an hour or so, try not to have coffee close to a sauna as it dehydrates you. We recommend drinking a glass of water prior to entering the sauna to avoid dehydration.

After the sauna we recommend a shower immediately to wash off any toxins on the skin and we recommend not using soap or body lotion in the shower so as not to absorb them through your skin as your pores will be open larger than usual.

Adriana offers a personalized massage to suit each one individual need. The main therapy is Tuina, which is a Chinese based massage and it ranges from medium to firm massage to help the tired muscles to relax, to treat painful areas, and it also work with the body’s flow of energy making it a complete body work.

For the most relaxant therapy, gentle Tuina accompanied by Reiki gives an amazing relaxing experience, often a client will fall asleep during a Reiki session.

It would be desirable to have a massage when you can have the day off, to give your body time to take on all the benefits from the massage. It is recommended to drink extra water after a massage to help your body eliminating the toxins.

Payment Plans

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