Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care

More than just a dental clinic


The first thing you'll notice when you walk into Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care is the ambience. We provide a calming, relaxed atmosphere where you can shed the noise and stress of your daily life.

We understand some people find visiting the dentist to be a stressful experience. This may change when you visit us. Our experienced, caring staff will do everything possible to eliminate any discomfort for you, making sure you leave your appointment relaxed and detoxed.

You have the option to enjoy a Shiatsu massage before your dental appointment so you are at ease, or vice versa.

Optimum health is about leading a balanced lifestyle – balancing work, play, exercise, nutrition and stress. The ambient atmosphere at Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care is the first step on your journey to reduce stress and balance your mind and body.

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