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Payment Options for Treatment Plans

To make your treatment more manageable, we offer a variety of payment plans. This way, you can receive the treatment you need and pay for it in a way that suits you.

For treatments below $1,000, we accept Zip Pay and Afterpay interest-free payment plans. For treatments above $1,000 and below $10,000 we accept Zip Money. Read on to learn more about each payment plan type.

We also accept MiFund MiLoan (for payments between $400 and $30,000) and MiFund MiLoan Interest-Free ($2,000 to $30,000) payment plans.


How it works

Afterpay splits your purchase (under $1,000) into four equal payments. Every 2 weeks, a quarter of your payment will be due. For example, if you purchased a 60-minute massage package for $70 with Afterpay, you would have 4 instalments of $17.50 to pay over the timeframe of 8 weeks.


Before you can use Afterpay, you will have to set up an account online or via the app. You will need to provide a valid Australian bank card and be at least 18 years old to use the service. After your treatment, you can generate a bar code in the Afterpay app to give to our receptionists to use for your payment.

The approval process is instantaneous.


Afterpay is an interest-free payment option with no account setup or ongoing fees. However, if payments are not made by the due date, late fees will be incurred.

If repayments are made on time, you will only have to pay for the item or service you have purchased.

Zip Pay

How it works

Zip Pay is a virtual wallet that allows you to make multiple purchases that equal to or are under $1,000. You can also choose how much you would like to repay and when (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).


Before you can use Zip, you will need to apply online. Here you will need to provide a phone number, address, employment records, and financial information. Zip will also run a credit check.

Approval in most cases is instantaneous. However, depending on the information you have provided, Zip may limit your wallet to $350 or $500.


Zip is an interest-free payment option. However, a $6 account fee will be incurred if there is an outstanding balance in the account each month. As well, Zip requires a minimum repayment of $40/month.

Zip Money

How it works

Zip Money allows you to make multiple purchases above $1,000 and below $10,000. Like Zip Pay, you can choose a repayment plan timeframe and amount that suits you.


Before you can use Zip Money, you will need to apply online. To be approved you will need a phone number, residential address, employment details and financial records. Likewise, Zip will run a credit check before you are approved.


Zip is interest free for 3 months, and after this period you will incur interest. Although, there are promotions available which extend this period.

Every month if there is an outstanding balance in the account, a $6 account free will be charged. There is also a minimum repayment of $40/month.

Depending on your credit limit, there may be a one-off establishment fee between $0 and $299.

Book an appointment

Book an appointment online for your treatment today. Alternatively, you can contact our team to learn more about Zip, Afterpay and MiFund plans.