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Creating Superhero Smiles in August

We are donating $1 for every patient we treat in August to local charity organization, Super Max & Bryce, to create Superhero Smiles!

Dental Health Week 2021 is now upon us and is a great time of the year to bring awareness to the importance of oral health. This year, we are taking a different approach and are looking to create a different type of smile, a Superhero Smile!

At Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care, we believe in helping you achieve optimal health through healing your whole body both physically and mentally. Over the years we have helped our wonderful Gold Coast patients to achieve good health and have made a positive impact within their lives.

We pride ourselves on the work we do within our practice as well as our steadfast commitment to helping those in need within our community.

This Dental Health Week we are raising awareness and funds for the amazing local charity organization, Super Max & Bryce, to create Superhero Smiles. Super Max & Bryce help to support young children battling cancer and provide them with a special turtle night light called Super Max the Turtle.

The night lights comfort children during their treatment and connect them with each other through the star lights that shine brightly in their rooms.

Super Max & Bryce

We’re thrilled to announce that our initiative to raise money for the charity will extend beyond Dental Health Week and will run for the whole month of August! To help raise funds, we will be donating $1 for every patient we treat in August to Super Max & Bryce.

In a joint effort with Coastal Dental Care, we are aiming to raise $10,000, which will allow Bryce to purchase 400 turtle night lights for 400 young children with cancer. This August, we are calling on your support to help us get there.

Together, we can help create Superhero Smiles!

Super Max & Bryce

Super Max & Bryce is a local Gold Coast charity organization committed to helping young children in treatment for cancer. It was started by a young man named Bryce in 2016, who was nine years of age. Bryce had been watching his mum go through rigorous cancer treatment and surgeries, and it terrified him.

Bryce couldn’t imagine how scary it might be for young children like him to go through something like that. He wanted to make a difference by supporting them and finding a way to help comfort them during their treatment. Through friends of his family over in the USA, Bryce found out about a special night light that was created for children in a treatment called “Super Max the Turtle”.

The turtle night lights are special because they can be fully sanitized so children who are immunocompromised can take them everywhere, from home to even the most strict of hospital environments like ICU and isolation wards. Afraid of the dark himself, Bryce thought this was a fantastic way to comfort children in treatment and let them know that someone was thinking about them and sending them love.

Super Max & Bryce

With the help of Bryce’s school, Bryce would raise money through fundraising initiatives and selling cupcakes to purchase as many night lights as he could and deliver them to children in hospitals as an act of love and generosity. Through Bryce’s kindness and determination, the Super Max & Bryce project was born.

Starting out as a school project to purchase six-night lights, by the end of 2021, Bryce will have given out over 5,000 Super Max the Turtle night lights to children in treatment for cancer all around Australia and New Zealand – he gives one to every single child diagnosed here every year.

Bryce’s inspiring journey has grown and positively impacted the lives of many. Now, this very special journey includes all of us.

How are we raising money?

Bryce’s goal is to create superhero smiles by gifting a night light to every child diagnosed with cancer in Australia and New Zealand every year. To achieve this, he has to raise enough money to purchase 1,000 turtle night lights every year.

To help him get there, we are calling on your help to raise as much money as we can!

During the whole month of August, we will be donating $1 for every patient we treat to Super Max & Bryce. If you are due for a check-up or have been putting a treatment on hold, now is the time to come in and see us!

If you wish to donate, we will have a donation box located at the reception desk for any loose or spare changed contributions.

Don’t carry cash? On the box, there will be a special QR code that you can scan to make an online donation or to email Super Max & Bryce directly to make a contribution (all online donations to this charity are tax deductible).

Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care and Super Max & Bryce

Join us this August, as we aim to raise $10,000 in a joint effort with Coastal Dental Care. Any support you can provide is greatly appreciated, whether it is big or small.

Together, we can help Bryce provide every child with cancer in Australia and New Zealand with a Super Max, the Turtle night light, and create superhero smiles!

As Bryce and his team often say, “not all superheroes wear capes, the bravest ones we know sleep with turtles”.