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Myospots Explained

Myospots are an innovative Australian-patented product used to strengthen the muscles within your tongue and improve its posture.

The myofunctional therapy technique involves the use of small, dissolvable oral pads which enables you to effectively retrain the muscles within your mouth to function better. As a result, Myospots enhance your oral development and overall health within adults and young children.

myospots child sleeping

What are Myospots?

Myospots are small, adhesive pads which are used to promote a habitual raised tongue posture by providing a nice tasting surface that slowly dissolves after about 50 minutes. In this time, your tongue receives 50 minutes of tongue elevation and strengthening.

Healthy tongue elevation, where the tongue rests against your palate, promotes nasal breathing because it becomes very difficult to breathe through your nose. Myospots helps in restoring the balance of oral musculature and this can lead to an enhancement of your long-term oral and general health.

Furthermore, Myospots are vegan-friendly and come in many different flavours which are dissolvable and biodegradable.

What are Myospots used for?

Myospots are used as a myofunctional orthodontics therapy technique to improve the overall strength of your tongue. By strengthening your tongue, you can:

  • Improve your tongue’s posture
  • Enhance your breathing
  • Improve swallowing
  • Sleep better


For Myospots to work effectively, Myospots recommend you to use the pads 2-3 times daily for several months so that you can retrain your tongues posture and enable it to habitually rest against your palate. The palate refers to the roof of your mouth which is the only thing which separates your nasal cavity from your oral cavity.

For this myofunctional therapy treatment, the Myospot pads utilise its adhesive component to stick to the roof of your mouth. Once the pad is placed, it will prompt you to repetitively touch or lick it until it dissolves. As a result, it will enable you to strengthen the muscles in your tongue and improve the muscles around your mouth.

In addition, Myospots also help to eliminate bad habits in children.

Thumb sucking

Thumb sucking within young children is a common habit which can lead to bad oral conditions such as malocclusion. Once your child’s tongue has been retrained to rest on the roof of their mouth, it will deter your child from sucking their thumb.

Mouth breathing

For young children, breathing though the mouth can interfere with the development of the maxillary and mandibular arch. The tongue is like a natural tooth aligner when positioned against the palate but also creates an oral air seal when positioned correctly. Therefore, retraining to rest the tongue on their palate will prompt your child to breathe through their nose more frequently.

What influence does breathing have?

Breathing has a far greater impact on your body than you may think. It is already an essential function of our bodies and it influences how we extract and receive oxygen. But how should we breathe to enhance our overall health? Simply put, nasal breathing with correct tongue posture is ideal.

Nasal breathing, is far more beneficial to your body than breathing from your mouth. Research suggests mouth breathing can lead to:

  • Frequent inflammation of tonsils and adenoids
  • Snoring and Sleep apnea
  • Sleep disorders
  • Airway obstruction
  • Concentration problems
  • Links to ADHD in children

On the other hand, your nasal passage acts as a filter which allows you to extract more oxygen into your lungs as it filters out toxins during the process.

Nasal breathing is also known to help fight infections as your nose is a narrow passage where the air is:

  • Warmed
  • Humidified
  • Purified
  • Mixed with nitric oxide

In particularly, nitric oxide is an important component in the nasal passage which helps to eliminate bacteria which enters your airway. This is essential to maintaining your overall health as your nose is a gateway into your body, arteries, and organs. Nitric Oxide is also a vasodilator and bronchodilator. This means that although less air enters through the nose, the body opens up the airways and surrounding blood vessels in the lungs. This means that nasal breathing promotes an increased supply of oxygen to the body.

As a result, Myospots are an essential treatment to retrain your body to breathe through your nose properly and to enhance your overall health. By redeveloping your tongues posture, you will reduce the risk of mouth breathing and help maintain a natural dental arch.

Myospots Gold Coast

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