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Why you may consider replacing your amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings or silver fillings were once a widely used, common dental filling material. Today, amalgam fillings have been preceded by more modern tooth coloured fillings.

For those who still have amalgam fillings, they might be wondering whether they should be replaced. To help bring light to the topic, we have put together our three main reasons why you may consider replacing your amalgam fillings.

Release of Mercury

The first and most important reason you may consider replacing your amalgam filling/s is due to their known ability to release mercury. Amalgam fillings contain mercury which is continuously released into the blood stream in the form of vapor (1). When absorbed, mercury accumulates in the body which can potentially lead to serious health issues (4,5).

Particularly, exposure to mercury can cause issues to the neurological, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and respiratory systems (3). More alarmingly, at any dosage mercury can cause irreversible effects to the brain (3).

A neurobiologist and physician, Dr Dietrich Klinghardt PhD states “Toxins almost always come in synergistically acting package-deals. Mercury alone is toxic. Together with zinc it is many times more toxic, add in a little copper and silver, as in dental amalgam fillings, and the detrimental effect to the body increases manifold.”

React to Temperatures

Besides their adverse health effects, amalgam fillings are an unstable filling material.

As amalgam fillings are made of metal, they likewise expand when exposed to hot temperatures. This means, as we consume hot meals and beverages the metal fillings expand. Due to this expansion, the fillings can crack your teeth (2).

A study conducted by Danley et al. (2018) observed amalgam fillings placed stress on molars. They determined expansion stresses initially lead to cracks in the molar teeth (2). This means, amalgam fillings may lead to premature tooth cracking.

Amalgam fillings are therefore a structurally unsatisfactory restorative material.


Due to their metal colour, amalgam fillings may be noticeable as you smile or talk. This makes it obvious to those around you that you have had fillings placed.

Replacing amalgam fillings with tooth coloured fillings may also provide a healthier and more youthful outlook. As well, composite and porcelain fillings are nearly impossible to detect by untrained eyes.

Amalgam filling removal

At Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care, we remove amalgam fillings in a safe and effective manner. You can learn more about the process on our amalgam removal page.

Alternatively, feel free to contact our friendly team anytime to discuss your options or to book an appointment.


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